MAZDA Parts 101: Muffler

November 17th, 2021 by

Mazda Parts:

How well do you know the Mazda parts in your car? Sure, it’s not very difficult figuring out what components like the engine and brakes do, but there are many others that can be a little more mysterious. If you’ve ever wondered about your muffler, here’s what to know:

How a Muffler Works

To function properly, an engine has to get rid of burnt fumes so it can take in fresh air. Those fumes go through a series of pipes that are attached to each cylinder in the engine, and eventually they make it to the muffler, which expels them.

In addition to getting rid of these fumes efficiently, the muffler also does it quietly. Its interior tubes reflect soundwaves, which cut down on noise substantially.

How Do You Know You’re Having Muffler Issues?

There are some key signs to pay attention to that will tell you that something is up with your muffler. First of all, if your car is very loud when driving, this is a big sign.

If there are bad odors, this could also indicate a muffler problem. This is because mufflers filter out exhaust fumes. Finally, if you notice a drop in your fuel economy, this may also be related to your muffler.

Have Your Muffler Checked at Superior MAZDA

Do you suspect something might be wrong with your muffler? To get it checked out, just make an appointment with the service center a Superior Mazda. We will diagnose the problem and come up with the best way to take care of it.

Plus, we only use genuine OEM parts, so you know you will be getting a component made of high-quality materials.

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